Denver, CO


Fab Lab Customs was founded on a well rounded background of automotive experience including motorsports and street rod fabrication, collision repair and mechanical repair. With 15 years of experience, owner Chris Caton is drawn to the “odd” or “different” custom fabrication job, being able to bring together multiple disciplines to complete the task. He was first approached by a skoolie DIY’er 4 years ago to do a roof raise. Chris took on the job relying on my experience from the street rod work where it is common to heavily customize body skins and structures of the vehicle in both a road and show worthy manner. Since that first raise he has completed 4 raises and been contacted to fix or simply add the clean detail work on 6 other raises. During that time Chris was able to also design a few specialty tools that will make the fellow DIY’ers life much easier and safer during the roof raising process (will have these on display for rent at my booth). Having also designed and fabricated custom mounting systems for propane tanks, water tanks, and a few other “still in development” trick items, he sees the skoolie builds compare more to building a custom car than a house.